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Our Story

The Chocolate Dandies is an excellent bakery that takes pride in its rich history. Noble, Royal, and Knight named their business after Noble Sissle's 2nd Broadway play of the same name. Their great-grandfather's legacy lives on through their delicious brownies and other baked goods. Come and experience the taste of history at The Chocolate Dandies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a broad range of brownie products, all made from high-quality Ghirardelli brand chocolate. The Chocolate Dandies caters to all of its customers by providing each with homemade rich brownies and mouth-watering chocolate-related products. Each order is made to suit the customer's needs right down to the smallest details. We provide freshly prepared bakery products locally and we give assurance that upon delivery, your items will arrive with the same freshness!

The Chocolate Dandies


Born in Atlanta, GA, Noble Sissle, IV is a high school student who enjoys comic books, action movies and dancing.  His goal is to become an actor one day for both film and theatre.

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Born in Atlanta, GA, Royal Sissle is a middle school student who enjoys playing PC games, and soccer.  His goal is to become a professional game developer and writer.

The Chocolate Dandies
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Born in Orlando, FL, Knight Sissle is a middle school student who enjoys playing video games, swimming, and gymnastics.  His goal is to become a professional gymnast and musician.

The Chocolate Dandies
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