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  • What brand of chocolate do you use in your products?
    We use Ghirardelli brand chocolate.
  • Do you use real butter?
    Yes! In fact, we use all fresh ingredients.
  • Are your brownies individually wrapped?
    No, but the brownies will be shipped frozen for ultimate freshness.
  • How long will they last?
    They are guaranteed fresh upon arrival, and brownie care instructions are included in every box. It's best to keep frozen until ready to devour! All it takes is about an hour to come to room temperature and enjoy. You can place them in a refridgerator for about a week if need be.
  • Are there any allergens?
    The Chocolate Dandies brownies and cookies contain dairy, eggs, and wheat. Some also contain peanuts, soy, and tree nuts depending on the order. If there are any allergen avoidance needed, please reach out and inform us before you place the order and we'll be as accommodating as possible.
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